When many begin to hear discussions about writing tips that improve search engine rankings their eyes understandably tend to ‘glaze’ over! To keep things simple read further to discover 3 easy to implement tips for anyone using content that brings more search engine traffic!

When many begin to hear discussions about writing tips that will improve search engine rankings their eyes understandably tend to ‘glaze’ over and they ‘tune out’ the conversation! On the other hand for anyone using content for advertising purposes online the best and easiest way to increase web site traffic is by properly optimising anything you compose! The general perception is that this is too ‘technical’ and therefore presents more difficulty than any effort may be worth! Well on both counts this perception is wrong!

Here are 3 simple to follow tips for anyone using content online on how to optimize what you write to increase web site traffic!

Primary Keyword

Select the word or phrase that is the most descriptive in terms of what you are writing about and place it within your title. By doing so when using content online it will make it much easier for search engines to find what you have composed and thus helps you to increase web site traffic. Better yet the visitors you do get will be much more focused on the subject you are presenting them! Never overlook the importance of having a title that accurately describes the body of content it precedes since this is how people decide whether to read further or move on!

Secondary Keywords

These also are words or phrases that have relevance to the content they are found within but they usually aren’t as relevant as the primary keyword. Sprinkle these liberally throughout the body of your composition but do so sparingly so search engines don’t penalise you for keyword stuffing! A good rule of thumb is to place these in the opening and closing paragraphs to help improve search engine traffic. By doing so, in the opening paragraph you are simply ‘announcing’ to the search engines what you are writing about. Placement within the closing paragraph serves as a ‘reminder’ or reinforcement as to what the content that was just viewed was all about!

Using Imagery

It is suggested and recommended to make use of any imagery that may bear relevance to the subject matter! Having said that you’ll also want to ‘label’ any images used with an appropriate title or caption that is displayed whenever a cursor passes over the image! When doing so always use if not the primary keyword at least a secondary keyword or phrase! Also be sure to place any imagery within the same paragraph where the words or phrase you use to label any images are located!

The 3 writing tips offered above serve to help you increase website traffic by properly optimising what you write to improve search engine rankings! Obviously the higher you rank the more targeted and free traffic you’ll get when using content for promotional purposes online! Do not be mislead that this type of optimisation is too technical or difficult for you to put into practice! As these 3 tips hopefully make you aware, it doesn’t take much to improve search engine rankings when using content. In fact all that is really required is a small dose of discipline to choose and use the correct words or phrases! In doing so you can easily and significantly increase web site traffic and business as well!