Increasing search engine traffic for any internet business is a huge plus since this free online traffic is very highly targeted. Surprisingly enough you do not have to be a certified SEO specialist in order to make your website search engine friendly. Read on to discover 3 simple techniques you can use immediately to boost the amount of free search engine traffic your website receives.

Increasing search engine traffic to your site is should be a top priority since this type of free online traffic is highly targeted. Contrary to what many may think you do not need to be an expert at SEO to increase your website traffic. With the proper choice of your business keywords along with some basic page linking you can easily boost your website traffic.

Here are 3 simple strategies you can immediately use to make your website more search engine friendly enabling you to increase the targeted traffic to your site.

Keyword Research

Choosing keywords that are most relevant to your business or product involves several factors that need to be considered. Obviously the relevancy of the words you select is very important but you also want to look at long tail keywords which are more highly targeted and less competitive.

Long tailed keywords are phrases that are more focused thereby decreasing the amount of competition. For instance ‘houses for sale’ could be a keyword that you could use but you would experience much competition. However if you were to use ‘houses for sale in Chicago’ as a long tailed keyword you would have less competition and find people more focused in the search they are conducting.

Having too much competition for a keyword could result in very low search engine rankings for you. Using long tailed keywords shrinks the competition and will attract more highly targeted traffic.

Domain Name Selection

Whatever your business or product may be you want to select a domain name that uses a word or phrase that accurately describes what you are representing. By doing so you will be increasing the relevancy between your domain name and site content which will give you a better search engine ranking.

Competition for domain names is off the charts on the internet therefore ‘creativity’ may be needed when selecting yours.

Internal Page Linking

Whether you have a website or a blog you should link the pages on your site that contain similar or relevant content as often as possible. The use of the pages primary keyword as your ‘linking text’ is recommended since this only ’emphasizes’ the relevancy between the pages.

By linking your pages in this fashion it makes it easier for both search engines and visitors to navigate your site. Again this will help boost your search engine rankings leading to more visitors for your site.

Search engine traffic is one of the most valuable assets any business can have since it is highly targeted. This form of free online traffic is ATTRACTED to your site rather than driven therefore it is important that you make your site as search engine friendly as possible. By utilising the right business keywords along with the proper internal page linking on your site as discussed above you can easily boost your website traffic. And all this can be done by you without enlisting the aid of an expensive SEO expert.