If you’re looking to find new customers, podcasting might do the trick. Keep it qualified, and tackle a niche market. Don’t do a “just because” podcast, or follow a generic pathway. Long term, you want to develop a targeted and devoted listener base.

In addition, here are 4 crucial podcasting tips for the new digital marketer.

Quality speaks volumes.

If your podcast starts off muffled, too loud, crackly, or worse, listeners will quickly hit pause. No one wants to listen to a low quality podcast. It’s distracting, and definitely not conducive to long term listening. If you want to quickly grow your audience, you must invest in professional recording equipment. Don’y shy away from spending a pretty penny on a good mic, as it will pay for itself in the long run.

Your guests are a direct reflection of your brand.

Do your research. Don’t give away guest spots, as this devalues your brand. Send every upcoming guest a general outline of rules and regulations. This encourages everyone to be on the same page, and the show to run smoothly. Remember, your guests speak for your brand. If they aren’t qualified, go completely off topic, or have poor communication skills, your listeners will lose interest.

Pay a professional to produce added sound effects.

Hop over to Upwork, a great freelance community, and pay a professional to produce some go to sound effects. Make sure, at the minimum, you have an intro, outro, and some filler noises for dead space.

Develop a generic interview outline.

When communicating with upcoming guests, fire over a basic interview outline. This keeps everyone in the loop, and eliminates awkward pauses or huge gaps in communication. It keeps all show members on task.

When looking to find new customers, podcasting is an incredible long term solution. If you prefer marketing methods of the auditory nature, this is a perfect pick.