Although it’s not as popular as it once was, there is still tons of value in building a qualified email marketing list. As long as you focus on connecting with subscribers that want to engage with you, your product, or service, you will observe great results with email marketing.

Looking for ways to capture email opt ins? Check out this list of five creative methods.

1. Offer free, downloadable content.

When it comes to building a mailing list, this is one of the most common methods. Collaborate with your in house team, and develop a one off video series, online course, ebook, or one pager. Make sure your content offers unique value. Don’t duplicate common online knowledge. Instead, offer a different perspective, and suggest a possible problem, along with an accompanying solution.

2. Provide a one on one consultation.

Potential customers or clients would jump at the chance to get individual, specialized attention. Don’t offer this to every single opt in, as you’d be spending more time giving away your services for free, and not enough time generating qualified business.

3. Draft up a customized review.

Review your client’s business, product, or service. Offer suggestions of how it can be done better, and input your advice. This serves multiple purposes, as it not only allows you to gather email addresses, but also labels you as an established industry thought leader.

4. Offer an exclusive discount.

If you’re an online retailer, this opt in incentive is definitely the most standard. Make sure new subscribers can instantly redeem this offer. Don’t make them jump through hoops, or spend a boatload of a cash just to get $10 off their order.

5. Host a one time webinar.

Cultivate interest and gain credibility with a webinar detailing the basics of your industry. If you want to experience double the exposure, partner up with a complimentary industry leader. They can invite their customers, while you can invite yours. You both take away tons of value from this webinar, and if all goes well, can continue to partner on similar projects.

Make growing your mailing list a long term priority. Above all else, only collect contact information from qualified and interested customers.