Content marketing is the most important strategy you can deploy to generate traffic and leads, and make sales. Yet, many business owners struggle with content marketing and understanding how to do it effectively. If you are not seeing the traffic you would like, you could be missing one of the following critical elements. Following these tips can help you amplify the results of your content marketing.

Place Internal Links in Your Content

Interlinking pieces of content is a fast yet incredibly effective way to add value to your posts. When a visitor reads your post and then clicks on an internal link, search engines notice. This is also a great way to encourage your readers to visit other places on your website. Make an effort to spread quality content throughout your website, including deeply into your site’s navigation, and then link those pieces together.

Vary the Types of Media You Post

Textual content is good, but do not restrict yourself to just words. Remember that content can also be infographics, images, videos, etc. Sometimes, business owners are intimidated by the thought of posting any other type of content because they feel their skill set is limited. Given the number of new apps and tools for media, you might be surprised at just how quick and easy it can be to create a video or infographic. All it takes is some research and practice to spice up your content marketing with visual marketing. The payoff for varying the types of media used in your content marketing can be significant. According to HubSpot, colored visuals increase a reader’s willingness to read content by 80 percent.

Promote Your Content

Content promotion can be challenging, but it is important that you make the effort. Begin by knowing where your target audience spends its time. Once you have identified those locations, make a point of including sharing buttons on every piece of content created and posted. The goal is to create content that is engaging and entertaining, so your readership will share it for you.

Offer Incentives

Free offers are a great way to increase traffic because they encourage your existing readers to share those offers with their own audiences. This technique turns your current readers into ambassadors for your business. The offer could be for anything from a discount on a purchase to a free e-book. Get creative.