Are you a marketing manager, web marketer, content marketer, or in any other profession in the marketing sector? If so, are you looking to improve your project management by enhancing transparency and, most importantly, delivering on time? In the past, this was almost impossible since marketing teams had to rely on overly complicated spreadsheets, while sharing every update via email. This meant that everything was all over the place, which led to roadblocks and massive delays. The good news is that with the advancement of technology, now there is a better and more efficient method to do all this: Jira apps. In this article, we will tell you more about these pieces of software and how marketers can use them to help their marketing departments get organized.

What are Jira apps?

In simple words, Jira apps, Jira plugins, or add-ons are additional pieces of software added to a Jira instance to add new features or functionality. The software is based on an agile methodology, allowing marketing teams to track issues, automate workflows, and also manage projects. Looking at its dashboard, it comes with useful features and functions that enable easy handling of issues. Being the most sought-after agile project management solution, Jira apps have recently been tweaked to accommodate all kinds of teams other than those in marketing. They include IT, finance, operations, human resources, legal, and other organizational departments.

How do marketing teams use Jira apps?

For any marketing teams out there, actions and analytics are of crucial importance, given that they go hand in hand in digital marketing. After the actions have been put in place, the analysis always follows, and on the other hand, after the analysis has been completed, new actions are implemented. It becomes an infinite loop. Now, to ensure that this whole process always runs smoothly, marketing teams require a tool that helps them plan, communicate, monitor projects, and also carry out reports. That’s where the Jira apps come into play. For a better understanding, here is what these apps can do when it comes to digital marketing:

Budget creation: budgeting has to be one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. So, in digital marketing, before you even launch your campaign, it is crucial that you understand the amount of money you are allocating to every action. The biggest challenge when it comes to budgeting is always remaining within the budget while ensuring that you haven’t forgotten anything. So, Jira offers a visual and easy-to-use interface that’s designed to ensure that every team member understands what exactly is needed and meets their deadlines. It offers different views, thereby allowing you to see all the actions that are to be carried out and also assigning estimates to each action. This gives the marketing team an estimated cost for the whole project, and most importantly, they are able to track the actual time and money spent on each task in order to understand how the estimates compare to reality.

Content management: brand awareness starts with visibility and presence. With that said, creating content about the brand or product is a form of digital marketing that ensures the brand is well-known to the audience and that it can actually be found where they are. Now, what Jira does is help the marketing team manage the content easily, prioritize their actions, follow rendering dates, and also allocate resources properly. Also, Jira comes with a feature that allows you to create custom workflows for managing your content, not to mention a template that provides the team with a visual way to track the progress of the content to be published.

Management of the marketing campaigns: Jira software basically brings any marketing campaign to perfection, as it allows the marketing team to plan the various steps they need to follow in order to execute a successful campaign. It can help by providing a central location for storing and tracking all of the tasks and activities associated with a marketing campaign, including creating marketing materials, coordinating with vendors, and tracking the budget and expenses. In addition, with regards to marketing campaign management, the customizable workflows on Jira apps help in streamlining the campaign process, ensuring everything that had been planned for the campaign has been completed and in the correct order. They also make it easier for the marketing teams to communicate and collaborate with everyone involved in the campaign. Lastly, Jira apps provide a range of reporting and analytics tools that enable the marketing teams to keep track of their campaigns while at the same time identifying any areas that may require some improvements.

Email & social media marketing: For marketers who market their brands or products via email, it is important for them to ensure that the messages that they are sending are important to you. So, with that said, they can use Jira to gather all the information needed to properly manage their email pipeline and to also ensure that their messages reach the right audience. With regards to social media marketing, Jira allows social media teams to track and analyze all their requests by just looking at the task details on social media, unlike in the past, where tracking products and topics was quite difficult.

Enhance creativity: creative briefs and deadlines sure do motivate the marketing teams, which, in turn, enhance creativity. Now, Jira adds on to this creativity as the marketing teams are able to manage more creative projects in an agile way, all of which can be done digitally. Also, the software allows for routing the process across the organization for increased collaboration and visibility.

Final thought

Marketing, and especially digital marketing, is no longer what it used to be. It has changed massively! People no longer need to handle their marketing data in Excel sheets or on press release notes, as Jira apps have made things so much easier, more agile, lean, and efficient. These apps will literary transform the way you market your brand, which, in turn, will unleash your team’s full potential. Talk to an expert today and ask any question that you might have.