Social has been one of the yet undiscovered platforms for B2B lead generation. Here’s a glance at what’s going on in the present scenario and how companies can use this channel.

From the point of view of an organisation, social media marketing and B2B lead generation are an interesting combination. Although brands had been using this platform to enhance brand equity, improve customer relations and PR, along with an additional tool for strengthening SEO. However, when one talks about the amount of success organisations have had in terms of results for B2B lead generation, the figures are not as encouraging. Part of the blame is obviously because of the practices being used. They are simply too mediocre and solely focused on getting new leads, so much so that prospects see through the whole scenario and refrain from doing business with a company that tries to take advantage of them. Here’s a glimpse of the most effective marketing tactics on social media.

To begin with, one needs to find the right balance. It’s not like B2B lead generation on social media has to entail an endless list of offers. However, a few offers and subtle pitches sprinkled across the page are just about fine, although knowing the exact number is completely dependent on the business scenario and other factors on social media platforms. Next up, creating a social content bank is of utmost importance. There are many white papers, checklists, guides and similar material that one must have gathered during their operations. It’s now time to consolidate them and extract the important information out of them along with impactful images; and work with them to create a robust social media content plan. This kind of vital information, if distributed freely, is of tremendous value to clients and customers. Obviously one can’t reveal confidential information, but giving significantly important data creates a positive image in the eyes of prospects.

B2B lead generation on social media also means one shouldn’t shy away from using traditional landing pages. When they are being used for search, email and online media to get higher conversion rates, the platform can also be used in social media to get things done. This might seem like a contradiction to the previous point, but the fact is that data is critical. Sure, one is giving information for free in exchange of positive mindshare. However, contact details and other important data is very important to pursue the lead and get conversions. It’s not really too much of an ask really, since the prospect is also getting something of value, so they won’t mind!