For your business to succeed in an era of technology, including apps, kiosks, robots, and more, it is imperative that you learn ways to keep your value proposition relevant. Here are some principles that will help you customize and personalize your sales and marketing experience.

Authenticity and Perks

Typically, employees are more comfortable, focused, and engaged with customers when they can be authentic. Although policies and systems are important, consider creating them organically. Even a casual work environment from a dress perspective allows employees to be themselves.

As for perks, leaders should reward good behavior by providing employees with free lunches, outside-of-work gatherings, and other incentives. Ultimately, employees begin seeing the office more like home than a place of work. The benefits of authenticity and employee perks will transfer to customers, who will also feel relaxed and welcomed.

Customer Minded

Keep the customer in mind from beginning to end. Regardless of the product or service that you provide, make sure it is customized and personalized to what the customer actually wants and needs. In addition to providing customers with something unique and useful, make sure you stand behind it 100 percent. Personalization in a product or service will prompt more people to buy it.


You likely will not grow your business with traditional mass marketing. A much better option is to be customer centric and committed to the quality of the product or service that you sell. Every day, live the customers’ shared values. Emphasize that you have a solution for a very specific problem through a high-quality product/service.


It is important to provide your employees with an environment that is motivating and inspiring. Instead of a more conventional space, utilize customization and personalization to the fullest. Regardless of the industry, this type of commitment will help maintain long-term and loyal workers who are committed to the customer.


While hiring people for their specific skills works in some businesses, you should consider employees because of their cultural fit. To be successful in selling your product or service, employees must believe in it, support it, have great knowledge of it, and be willing to do whatever it takes to sell it. Personalization in the way that you hire staff can change the direction of your company in a positive way.

The Bottom Line

To succeed in today’s highly competitive world, you need to think outside the box. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through customization and personalization on all levels.