Today, more than 1.6 billion people are active on Facebook every month. From a marketing perspective, this opens incredible doors of opportunity. Although you may be aware of some of the more well-known methods for generating leads, targeting an audience, converting customers, and improving relationships, you might now know about some of the other available marketing features.

  • Pages to Watch – With this feature, you can follow as many as 100 unique brand pages to compare activity. By filtering the top posts over the past week, you have a better chance of engaging with and growing your audience. Click “Insights” and then go to the “Pages to Watch” tab located under the “5 Most Recent Posts” section. Add whatever pages you are most interested in. Once in your list, hover over the name and click for a detailed view of the posts for the past seven days.
  • Brand Page – To support your favorite brands on Facebook, search for the page and then click on “Like.” When finished, go to the timeline and click on the small gear icon, followed by clicking on “Like as Your Page.” Look for your page in the dropdown menu, and save.
  • Save for Later – This is another great marketing feature. It allows you to save and bookmark things that you see but want or need to view later. This includes upcoming events, video postings, links, photographs, and pages. When scrolling through Facebook, you may come across something of great interest but not have the time to take action. This feature lets you return to that item at your leisure. While in your news feed, click the arrow in the right-hand corner on any update to save. Then, click on the gear icon and save. If you are saving an event, click on the ribbon icon and save. You can access the saved articles from your news feed on the left-hand side or type in
  • Audience Insights – Because Audience Insights provides you with detailed information about your targeted audience, you can create content that is more relevant. This tool is also used for creating statistical graphics about the global audience and getting demographic information on a specific page.

These and other Facebook features will make a huge difference in how you market your business. In addition to marketing from the Facebook page that you select, you can use this tool to schedule your posts just as you do with text messages.  By using this service with other marketing techniques, the sky is the limit.