Discover the differences between push and pull marketing. Pull marketing is a very attractive tool to PULL clients to you without working so hard. How would you like to be in front of potential clients at the exact moment they are looking for a solution like yours?

Which tactic sounds like a better idea? Interrupting potential clients and saying “Buy my product/services” or getting in front of potential clients who are actively looking for products and services like yours and saying “I have a solution to your problem”.

There are 2 types of marketing: push and pull.  Push marketing puts your business in front of people when they aren’t actively seeking that service.  You interrupt potential clients while they are doing something else and stick your message in front of them. This includes cold calling or radio ads.  It can also include softer selling such as flyers and classified ads.  Pull marketing targets clients who are actively seeking YOUR service or products.  This marketing includes tactics like blogging, article marketing, public speaking, conferences pay-per click advertising, newsletters, and networking.

The difference between push marketing and pull marketing is clear.  By using pull marketing you are pinpointing potential clients who are looking for you and ready to buy. 

Many small businesses spend a lot of time using push marketing.  It takes a lot of effort to use push marketing. Push marketing can also be expensive and often doesn’t produce the results that pull marketing can.

Marketing is essential to the small business owner.  However, the money a small business uses for marketing must produce results.  With a targeted pull marketing campaign, your marketing money will pay major dividends.

Your business is apt to become very well known in its target market when you use pull marketing.  Even people who pass up on your services may end up referring you later on, saving you time and money on marketing.

A small business needs to work smarter and not harder.  PULLING clients to you is the way to have your marketing muscle work intelligently and take a lot less work.