Are you looking to broaden your clientele and also seek new horizons for your business? Do you want your website not only to rank on Google but also to generate sales? If so, then you have come to the right place. There exists a way which allows businesses to acquire more prospective customers online via free, organic web traffic. Yes, you hear me right. Not paid ads, but free, organic web traffic. It is a branch of a special digital marketing strategy called “lead generation”. So, what is lead generation at first place?

Lead attracts, not harasses!

Simply speaking, a lead is a potential customer who is highly interested in your product or service.

Let me ask you a question: have you ever received a solicitation-for-business or a telemarketing cold call from a law firm or a medical clinic? I doubt so! If anything, their clients are the ones who always call them, asking for help or just for consultations: not vice versa!

In a similar manner, with lead generation, you can be sure that you will be like a magnet for your potential clients. You will never have to pursue leads frantically. Rather, prospective clients will call you voluntarily to find out more about your business. Unlike the conventional marketing that is generally perceived “intrusive”, your customers will feel like they are taking charge of the process. An effective lead generation strategy works like a charm – it attracts, not harasses!

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Joe Chernov

A pretty website alone isn’t enough anymore!

But in order to make the lead magnet work, it is no longer just about setting up a beautiful website, or having a great logo design & appealing content, or hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company to rank your site to the top of Google. It’s about ensuring that these elements work together so as to create an optimal channel to attract your clients and convert them into sales. 

In your business, one of the key success factors is visibility. If you are not visible to customers, then no matter how great your product or service is, you will get no customer. Therefore, you need first and foremost to ensure that your business can be easily found by your potential customers in your niche. That can be done through Google Adwords. The downside, however, is that using Adwords can quickly cost you a fortune, and the results (i.e. the returns on investments) are not guaranteed. You might have easily spent hundreds or even few thousand bucks with no sales generated whatsoever. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is a much better alternative.

But, SEO is a long-term game. To rank on the top spot on Google requires techniques, as well as patience. Furthermore, SEO isn’t equal to lead generation. Meaning, even occupying the top spot on Google doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll have high quality leads, the leads that can eventually convert into sales. After all, what’s the point of investing in SEO, ranking no.1, but still having no sales at all? The trick? You need to hit the right keywords. That’s right, not every keyword has the same money value. Some keywords may be easy to rank, but do not convert (i.e. nobody search for it). Others may be difficult to rank, have high search volume, but still do not convert well once ranked. Why? Because they do not gauge the buyers’ search intent right. Indeed, there is a general misunderstanding that a highly searchable keyword is a valuable keyword. This is not necessarily true. Oftentimes, these are the most competitive keywords which require the most resources in order to get ranked. And yet, once ranked, they do not generate as much sales as expected. Bottom line: you need to find the keywords with high convertibility, or the “money keywords”. Keyword research is all about finding the “money keywords“.

Did you know…

  • Businesses with mature lead generation processes earn much more revenue – 133% more – when compared to average businesses.
  • That an estimated 61% of the marketers say that creating free organic traffic and generating quality leads is their biggest challenge.
  • That over half the number of leads that visits your sites never converts due to poor keywords research, web design as well as organic ranking.
  • Organic web traffic is more efficient and generates more quality leads when compared to traditional paid ads.

Tangible and measurable sales opportunities

Businesses nowadays are paying more attention than ever on the returns over their digital marketing investments. Business owners shall embrace the tactics that deliver good returns and discard the ones that don’t. The truth is, 99% of the digital marketing agencies are not able to deliver the end results as they promised. For companies that offer SEO services, the inherent payment structure (i.e. monthly recurring fees) undermines the incentive to rank the site faster. Suppose that it takes only three months to get a certain keyword ranked, why would one be motivated to finish the job and getting paid for just only three months? Why wouldn’t one be tempted to take a year to do the work? Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, SEO is not equal to lead generation. Even your site gets ranked, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate sales. That’s why, a refined digital marketing strategy that harnesses the conversion power is more important than ever. Instead of looking at individual elements in isolation, we need to connect the dots so as to create an optimal, holistic marketing strategy that will be able to deliver tangible and measurable results.

Let our services speak for themselves!

We are pretty confident when it comes to our services, and we are sure that you will too. We adopt the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies to help you attract, not just leads, but high quality leads that convert. By incorporating well-researched keywords, smart SEO, and other convertibility tactics, we can guarantee that you will dominate your niche market in no time.  

Bottom line: we will not make money until you start to make money. Yes, we are just that confident.