As a business owner, you constantly scrutinize your customers. You use different tools to determine what products/services they interested in, where they live, how often they visit your website, and so on. While you continually measure your customers, they are doing the same with your business. Understanding how your business is measured allows you to make appropriate changes.

Over the past several years, many companies have focused on measuring in an effort to better understand and improve the customer experience. Throughout the customer’s journey, there are many interactions with your employees and the brand itself.

The one thing that customers care about the most is good customer service. In addition to conducting research, consumers rate their experience with your company based on specific key performance indicators. To ensure that your customers have a positive experience, consider the indicators listed below and whether improvement is needed.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Overall Satisfaction – Customers appreciate a company that allows them to provide input on their experience. If you do not currently conduct surveys, you should. This will help you gauge the customer’s overall satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction Improvement – Your customer expects the level of satisfaction to increase with each purchase. By providing your sales team with good training and the right tools, they have the opportunity to track past orders, learn the customer’s name, and take note of other information that provides the customer a better experience than the one prior. With familiarity and personalization, your customers feel valued.
  • Company Input – Make sure that consumers are aware of sites with customer feedback. Whether on your website, social media platforms, or other online locations, consumers often research a company before committing to buy a product or service. It is common for consumers to look for customer feedback online to measure a specific company’s performance.
  • Resolution Time – You are also measured on the amount of time that it takes for resolution. If a customer received the wrong item, was not able to log on to an internet event, or had some other issue with your product or service, you want a fast turnaround in getting the problem resolved.

The bottom line is that every aspect of your customer service is measured. If your company passes the test, consumers are more willing to buy and return as loyal customers. Look at your company from the customer’s viewpoint so that you can make changes where they’re needed.