In case you are unfamiliar with the term “geotargeting,” this refers to a practice in which different content is delivered to a website user based on his or her specific geographic location. For both organic and pay-per-click (PPC) searches, this is an excellent way to target local customers and prospects. Whether you are starting a new business or working to grow an existing one, becoming more effective in geotargeting subscribers will help you succeed.

Helpful Tips for Being More Effective

With geotargeting, you identify the location of a subscriber. Based on that information, you deliver personalized content or offers. One way to be more effective when geotargeting subscribers is to take full advantage of upcoming events. You can use scheduled events to trigger campaigns for the local market. This gives you the opportunity to converse with potential and existing customers while increasing the visibility of your brand.

When creating geotargeted emails, consider using an image of a map in conjunction with a rewards program. People naturally love information. While using an email campaign to market your business, provide subscribers with maps that show popular restaurants, stores, professional service providers, and other places nearby where reward points can be redeemed. You will be amazed at just how receptive people are to this and how it boosts your geotargeting efforts.

To increase engagement, consider technology implementations that allow brands to communicate hyper-targeted offers to people carrying smartphones in shopping malls, movie theaters, retail stores, and so on. Using low-energy Bluetooth through what is known as the iBeacons app, custom push notifications are sent to users who are within close range of a beacon. What makes this so exciting is that all of the latest iPhones and iOS7 already have support built-in. Therefore, the market is readymade.

Incredible opportunities exist for geotargeting subscribers. It is important to use various marketing campaigns to reach a broad audience throughout the country. However, it is just as important to tap into the local market through geotargeting efforts. When running a marketing campaign, geotargeting is a great way to personalize ads that are dynamically customized to a user’s precise location. When done correctly, the results are outstanding.

Although the percentage of people who interact with dynamic ads varies, achieving 20 percent to 50 percent is not uncommon. As geotargeted ads begin to grow, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in viable customers, which equates to increased revenue. For optimal results, add geotargeting to other highly effective marketing strategies.