According to research published by Marketing Sherpa, engagement rates vary depending on device. The research found that engagement rates average about 43 percent on desktop and 33 percent for mobile. What can your company do to drive engagement? It all comes down to content marketing.

The problem that many companies, particularly new businesses encounter is trying to reach their target audience while cutting through an overload of content. Consumers today are inundated with content from every direction, especially with so many new device options. This means that marketers must work even harder to deliver relevant, timely content that meets the needs of their customers while ensuring that content is accessible on the customer’s preferred device. It is a tall order, but with some planning, you can pull it off.

One effective way to do this is by repurposing content. Take note that this does not mean simply recycling old content and regurgitating it. Instead, look for ways you can tweak your content for different audiences and via different channels. This is an incredibly effective technique for gaining a wide reach while creating easily digestible content that can cut through the overload of content swirling around your customers.

Branch out from social media favorites such as Facebook and Pinterest while monitoring emerging platforms. We Heart It is just one example of a rising social media star. Similar to Pinterest, but with a focus on the younger crowd, this social media site already has more than 25 million users.

Consider using storygraphics to impart your message. This technique works really well when you have long-form content that might otherwise turn off readers. By combining a story with an infographic, you are able to create easily digestible content your customers actually want to read and even share.

Keep your audience up to date with news from your industry. Not everyone has the time to read a whitepaper or attend a webinar, but still want to know what is going on in their industry. Each time you attend a presentation or read an update, make a point of creating a blog post that summarizes the key points. You can also do the same thing by sharing data. Keep it in summary form and share it on social media. Invite your readers to comment or ask questions. This is a great way to keep your audience updated, encourage them to keep coming back, and drive engagement.