Content remains one of the most important elements of any company’s marketing efforts. Yet content marketing continues to evolve, and many businesses struggle with keeping up with the latest emerging content marketing trends. As search engines continue to tweak their algorithms, quality content has become more important than ever. Below, we explore several emerging trends that are likely to make a difference in content marketing in the next several months.

More Cross Marketing

Cross-marketing between brands has always made a lot of sense, but moving forward we are likely to see even more of this as companies team up to build upon the strength of their individual content distribution channels. Doing so makes marketing of products easier, as well as more effective. To take full advantage of this trend, make an effort to locate complementary brands that probably have a fairly similar audience demographic as that of your own brand. Develop a joint content marketing campaign that will benefit both brands.

Video Content Will Become Increasingly Important

According to The Guardian, video will comprise more than 69 percent of all consumer online traffic by 2017. With less than a year to go before that benchmark is reached, it’s more important than ever for brands to pay attention to how they incorporate video into their content marketing strategies. More than just video content, the emerging trend is going to include the use of more user-generated content. No longer is it necessary for brands to expend large portions of their marketing budgets on highly produced videos. Thanks to the availability of quality smartphone cameras, everyone can be a professional videographer now. The key to making video content work for your brand is to compile content in a way that is meaningful and impactful.

Mobile Will Grow Even More Important

It’s little secret that mobile has become increasingly important, but moving forward we are going to see an even greater uptick in the use of mobile marketing strategies. As a result, it’s imperative to ensure that your brand is set up to take advantage of this trend, with embedded videos and responsive design. Remember, if your brand is not set up for mobile marketing, there is a good chance you are missing customers.

If you’re still planning your content marketing strategy for this year, make a point of including these trends in your campaign planning to maintain your competitive advantage.