SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is also about making your search engine result relevant to the user’s search query so more people click the result when it is shown in search. In the today digital world and growing competition, there are many key factors that influence website ranking in search engine. 

In the digital world, if your website is not falling in the first page of the search engine rankings then the users won’t get the possibility to find you. The progress of a website can be measured on various elements. And each of them is necessary and plays their assigned roles in the completion of a website. 

It is a fact that the users are lazy to go to the next page. In this case, boosting the search engine ranking of your website should be your primary concern. Today, we bring you top factors or tricks that you can use to enhance your website’s rankings in the search engines.

  • Create engaging content. These days stuffing keywords is not sufficient, as the algorithms are doing their job cleverly. They can easily differentiate between the quality content and your fake efforts to inflate the ranking with stuffing keywords. Nowadays, well written and crafted content is the key to optimise the search engines traffic and defeating the opponents.
  • Building links with a reputed site is a great opportunity for your business. If hundreds of sites are connected back to you, you’re absolutely on the best route. The backlinks are like benchmarks in the search engine algorithms in SEO. It also helps your website in building a positive online reputation.
  • Performance and speed of the site is also an important factor in search rankings. Matters like compressed images and reduced redirects can hit the site and its speed performance on a big scale. You can take assistance from various tools like Pingdom to diagnose the performance-related issues.
  • Meta Information is that content of the website which is seen only by the web crawlers. It helps them in creating a record about the new content actively. The description added to the meta-information is a powerful way to inform the user and search engines about your business and services.
  • Local mentions are a power booster to your business and website. Adding and verifying your business with Google Business is the best thing you can do to your website for the long run.
  • Make your website secure with HTTPS. It is a protected variant of the web protocol. Additionally, HTTPS encodes the data for security reasons. It saves data from being corrupted or altered during the transmission. HTTPS permits a safe and secure experience to the website visitors.
  • Decent social media presence is beneficial for the website ranking. Strengthening the social presence is the best thing you can do to profit your website. In most of the cases, the social media profiles appear in the top results at the time of search listings. It is important to share relevant and quality content on the social media pages. At times, these social media handles are used as search engines. 
  • A mobile-friendly version of your website brings more leads/ Google prioritises the sites that are interactive and responsive to mobiles in its search results. In a recent study, around 58% of web traffic is coming from mobile sources. The mobile content should be responsive, easy-to-read on various screens, the images should load quickly and the pages should be accessible by all. 

SEO is the most essential component of any businesses website strategy. More than 90% of online activities start over a search engine. Working according to these latest SEO tactics will help your business in achieving better ranks in search engines.