Here are the 4 tips for publishing client newsletters that will serve as customer relation tool and will give you more sales.

Are you making this dreadful newsletter marketing mistake? The typical client newsletter is one of the most mind-numbing, agonisingly boring pieces of mail ever sent to consumers. The main reason is that most companies think what they do is incredibly fascinating to their clients. So based on this false assumption, their newsletters cheerfully discuss the latest equipment purchase or the new back office operation and how Mary Sue has moved from Payroll to Marketing. While this might be riveting stuff internally, I can assure you that your clients just don’t care. If you’re making this newsletter marketing mistake, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. No one ever taught you the system, until now…  

4 ‘Set in Stone’ Rules to Publishing a Winning Client Newsletter:  

Rule #1:  Never make your business or company the focus of your client newsletter.  This concept is difficult for most business owners to wrap their minds around.  Read my words:  Our clients don’t care about how our business operates!  The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we will be sending them something that they actually want to read.  

Rule #2: Focus on article content that people grab hold of and actually use in their lives.  That means you must provide appealing and interesting content that is relevant, useful and engaging.  The goal is to create involvement.  The more time they spend with your newsletter, the more likely they’ll take action.  

Rule # 3:  Be consistent.  If you tell your customers to expect a newsletter from you every month, you better do it. And ask yourself: How often do I want my customers and prospects to think of me?  While daily would be wonderful, it’s not going to happen.  Following a monthly newsletter schedule is perfect. They will expect to receive it just like they do their favourite magazines.  

Rule #4:  Never forget that a client newsletter is a marketing tool. Within your compelling content weave client testimonials and the names of people who have referred your company. Have contests that give away free services or gift cards to create further goodwill between you and your clients. And always, always, always have a compelling offer just for them.  

Follow these rules and you will have a winning client newsletter that will get you more sales. But, you have to keep in mind that…   You Must Take a Long-term View on Using Newsletters as a Marketing and Customer Relations Tool. Be aware that the results will not happen overnight.  In fact, it will take several months for your customers to develop the ‘habit’ of looking for it. But over time, your clients will come to expect getting your newsletter. And they will hound you if you missed sending them an issue!  You will definitely see the desired results with the payoff being client retention and more purchases from you. Client newsletters that include the four rules listed above will build relationships with your customers and create a sense of reliability and professionalism. You’ll be sending literature that your clients will look forward to reading every month.