Today, millions of people use mobile messaging. In fact, 57 percent of consumers in the US report using SMS at least once a day. For the annual volume of apps that people have downloaded to smartphones, the number is estimated at 56 billion. These statistics show that you have incredible opportunities with text messaging, as well as with app alerts.

Building Your Business

Regardless of the size or industry of your company, SMS and mobile app messaging are excellent ways to communicate. To build your customer base, consider creating a mobile app and using alerts to draws customers in. Mobile apps are beneficial in two ways. First, they lure people to a brick and mortar store. Second, they offer people a more convenient way to do business online.

For instance, retailers use mobile apps to entice people to their store. Once there, sales people do their job to finalize sales. At the same time, retailers make it easy for people to purchase items online instead of going to an actual store. In other words, mobile apps build a stronger business in two unique ways.

SMS allows you to send out transactional notifications and alerts in real-time to virtually any phone. Because SMS is global in nature, it is the perfect solution for urgent and portable communication. With SMS, you have the opportunity to start a two-way dialog with consumers.

SMS is a unique type of marketing strategy since communication is immediate. Instead of advising consumers to visit a social media site or check their email address, the message is delivered in real time via phone. You reach customers immediately, asking them to take action right then, whether opening your mobile app, using a mobile coupon code, responding to the text, and so on.

If you are relatively new to mobile marketing, you can utilize the services of a professional company like SlickText. This company makes your text marketing effort easy while driving traffic to your business. What makes this service more beneficial is all of the innovative features that it offers.

For instance, SlickText offers Easy Group Texting for sending out mass text messages, Text Message Scheduling that allows you to schedule and text messages for a specific date and time, Text to Win that activates, runs, and completes contests to get your audience engaged, and much more. The possibilities with SMS and mobile app alerts are endless.