Specific to business, text messaging has changed dramatically. For the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017, you can use change your business for the better by using text messaging. Today, 68 percent of adults in the United States own a smartphone. While some receive just one text message a day, others receive hundreds. Regardless, this shows that text messaging is a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Text messaging benefits virtually every industry. Compared to other strategies, this type of mobile marketing offers tremendous advantages. One simple message can prompt a consumer interaction. For example, you can send out a global message with a link for consumers to click. After clicking through, the consumer can receive helpful information, a promotional product or service, a discounted price, and much more.

With text messaging, there is no need for redundant apps. This marketing method helps a user complete numerous tasks from one location without compromising full functionality or taking additional steps. Because millions of people text for personal reasons on a daily basis, there is no learning curve. That puts the user at ease, which encourages a response to the call to action.

High-Tech Features

With the right text messaging service, your marketing campaign will reach new heights. For instance, SlickText offers unrivaled text messaging features. With the simple interface, sending mass messages has never been easier.

A drip campaign is another useful feature. This automated feature sends a series of time-delayed messages to subscribers. The benefit is that you have the opportunity to interact with your subscribers on a continuous basis. There is also a Facebook integration feature. With just one additional click of the mouse, you can cross-post messages to this social media platform. To ensure the text message is different from your Facebook post, there is a unique tweaking option.

For your loyal customers, you can use the mobile coupon feature. In addition to POS barcode support, this feature is completely customizable. What makes this particular feature so interesting is that all of the coupons provide you with detailed analytics as to the various interactions users have with your offer.

The bottom line is that there are unlimited advantages to using a professional text message service as part of your marketing campaign. This foolproof method will bolster your company’s success in a very short amount of time.