Some of you may blog just for fun. And don’t get us wrong, we totally respect that. But after running into The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post Infographic over at HubSpot, we’re starting to think twice about our blogging strategy.

You must have a killer headline. 

This is crucial. In addition to the content, your headline should also capture the minds and imaginations of your audience members.

Duh, don’t forget the date.

Might sound like a silly step, but you want your posts to stay ordered by date. Why? Because it keeps them relevant. For example, let’s say two years ago direct messaging on Twitter was the hottest sales tactic. Fast forward to now, and not so much. If you don’t sort your blog posts by date, you might find your content seeming out of date or irrelevant.

Feature images really captivate your readers.

Your featured image should clearly represent your blog post. At the same time, it should be modern and eye-catching. You want readers to connect with your image, not shy away from the post as a result.

Split up your content with sub headers. 

Don’t drone on in one giant 600 word paragraph. Instead, take time to organize your thoughts in a concise outline. This will help you easily split up your content into relevant subheaders.

In the body of your post, include real facts and statistics. 

Sure, we all love an opinion piece now and again. But, for the most part, make sure your content is sprinkled with facts.

Don’t forget to engage readers with an easy to use comment system. 

You want readers weighing in on your content. Disqus is one of our personal favorites, as it doesn’t cater to spammers, but also provides a neat organized way to interact among readers.

We’re huge fans of all the rich content over at HubSpot. Check out their marketing blog for more amazing information.