From the cluster of websites that fills the World Wide Web, know that they also come in different types. It is important to know and identify each type of websites for the user to fully make use the functions of the website. Each of the types has specific functions that cater particular services. These types of websites are the personal, photo sharing, author or writer, community building, e-commerce, and online business websites.

A Website is a group of WWW (World Wide Web) pages containing hyperlinks to each other and made accessible online by an organisation, company, government, an individual and educational constitution.

Web sites were initially informational. Before the internet was opened to the public- government, research institutions, and educational agencies were able to make information accessible to each other by the use of text-only websites entirely. Today that we already have the WWW, there are more types of sites that you can shake a stick at.

Here are the six basic types of websites:

  1. Personal Websites

Your Domain Registrar or your Internet Service Provider may recommend you free server space for you to make your personal/own website that may include an online diary and family photos. This type of website is valuable for a teenagers, grandparents, family and others to keep in touch with each other.

  1. Photo Sharing Websites

Photo-sharing websites such as Google’s Picasa, and offers free photo sharing paid for by their online advertising. Also, many photo printers and digital cameras now come with enabling simple ways to make digital photo slideshows and upload them to the web.

  1. Author’s/Writer’s Websites

Author’s/writer’s websites are part of what is known as the Author’s or Writer’s Platform in the publishing business. The platform includes a website, blog, a Facebook presence, Twitter account and the mailing list. It contains a catalog of published works and books, a biography, a link to the writer’s reviews, blogs, comments on the author’s publications and perhaps excerpts from some works and links to publications on sites like

  1. Community Building Websites

Community building websites like a forum, sharing and social websites build online communities of individual who want to keep in touch and interact with other people socially or meet people who share same interests. The most known of this type of website is

  1. E-commerce Websites

Nowadays, millions of small businesses use their e-commerce websites to sell their products through the Internet. The most known e-commerce website these days is This type of website can be useful to businesses to sold in a brick-and-mortar can be sold online with much less overhead.

  1. Catalog/Online Business Brochure Websites

This type of website can reach millions of people all over the world to spread the word about a particular business. With this, with your online catalog or brochure, you can show or present any individual who finds and looks your website, descriptions or your products, photos and services.

Indeed, our fast-paced technology innovations can make things simpler. Just like these different types of websites. From the traditional use of text-only websites to World Wide Web, we can reach people from any places in the world to connect, communicate and share.