You may have compared SEO with social media marketing. You may have also wondered that which one is better. People have different views about this question, however, majority of experts are now giving equal importance to both SEO and social media marketing as well. Let’s discuss the role of SEO and social media for your business.

Search engine optimisation or Social media marketing, which one would you Believe is best? Time and money are valuable for people who own a small business. Here, a crucial question arises – if a business has limited resources then what it should choose between SEO and social media marketing?

A quick and clear answer for this question would be – both (SEO as well as Social Media Marketing).

Check out a handful of facets of SEO and social media – exactly how they perform alongside one another, and occasionally versus each other. Like that, you’ll be able to take better decisions for your online business’s marketing campaign.

Social websites optimising or Search engine optimisation for Your Headlines

Headlines are crucial for both SEO and social media marketing. So, how to figure out that which one will be getting more priority than the other? On one hand you want your headline to have the targeted keywords and it becomes visible on search engines, whereas on the other side you also want to attract social media audience with quality content. So, which way you’re willing to go?


The solution for this problem is the same as before – use both of them together. Although optimising the headline concurrently for social media marketing and search engines like Google is not great, it undoubtedly makes you imaginative and creative. And when you’re definitely experiencing confusion caught, use the headline as a listicle. Of course, there’s a motive why lots of enterprises are making use of them besides it just being a trend!

Spammers and Fake Accounts

The organisation environment can regrettably get rather unattractive. And if you’re willing to shed extra money, there isn’t a lack of individuals who are inclined to struggle at their extreme capabilities to suit your needs. What does this implies for your search engine optimisation campaign? The money, effort and time you’ve put into promoting your site’s rankings may possibly end up with being zero if your competitors are working against your SEO campaign outside your knowledge.

One of several means by which your competitors may attack is through social network websites. They produce faux accounts on social media sites symbolising your business and then post your site content with huge amount of negative feedback, and as a result you’re flagged as spam. Due to the extensive authority of social media pages, they’re more likely to represent your business on search engine results pages. Such cases are quite common and it would be a bit difficult for you to face such situations.


Search for you business on a regular basis by using social media platforms and search engines. If you come across an account declaring to represent your enterprise, flag/report it straightaway. Many social media platforms such as Facebook is notably strict about implementing its “no fake accounts” rule, so don’t hesitate in flagging/reporting such pages. Observe the feedback on your own blog posts also. In the event you don’t have enough time to check the feedback, try to avoid such option on your website first of all. Though it’s not a good option, but having no comments section is way better than getting marked as a spam site.

Social Media Search engines surpassing Regular Search engines

Taking into account that a large number of people are utilising their phones today as an alternative to their computer systems, there are various occasions when your Search engine optimisation wouldn’t be useful – until you apply a local search strategy. Men and women also seek for issues in Facebook, they look for video in YouTube’s search engine and click on Twitter and Instagram hash-tags.

Men and women also seek for issues in Facebook, search for video in YouTube’s search engine and click on Twitter and Instagram hash-tags. This implies that if your website isn’t optimised for search engines and social networking then it won’t appear in the results.

An additional risk is definitely from the pretty big sites that have a lot of website page authority and have much space in the SERPs. For instance, if you search for “SEO Gold Coast’ then you will notice such sites. Experts have stated that this development will proceed to increase.


Be more social than ever! Companies don’t need to be on every social networking site to be optimised for social media marketing. The truth is that a method like that could be unnecessary, time intensive, and expensive. Having said that, you might want to be mindful with regard to the SERPs, examine what your competitors are doing, and create profiles on each competitor’s website. Conduct a personal research about your targeted consumers. Find out that where are they most likely to look for your company? Decide exactly where your viewers are hunting for the products your company offers, and join those platforms immediately.

The Workload Intensifies

Your organisation’s social websites will appear in the search results when anyone looks for your products or services. Only having presence on social media will not be enough, in fact you need to ensure that your social networking websites/profile looks pretty much as good as your business website. This clearly implies that you are supposed to invest time, effort and money in social networking and SEO as well. If you choose not to do so then there’s a high chance that your potential consumers and business partners will not be impressed by your business profile.


Merging your social network with your business website will be an ideal solution for this issue. Submit critical content from your site and your associates. Use the identical logos, repurpose marketing materials, content, photos and so on. This tends to preserve you money and time and will even make your company look more professional and streamlined. Ensure that the image sizes are suitable for every social networking website. A logo that is inappropriately sized thoroughly looks undeserving. Make a good first impression, so that the user visits your website through your social media page.

Producing Shareable Content

Generally, majority of companies create high quality, unique, fresh, witty, intelligent and tempting content material that takes no time to go viral on the internet. However, most of the time your content doesn’t live up to your expectations and fails to grab such opportunities. The repetition of the keywords and phrases may turn off the users.


Split your written content from the middle into two parts. Any content that goes viral will increase your targeted traffic that will increase rankings on Google, which will eventually enhance your SEO. However, it’s difficult to predict that when a post is going to become viral, so you should create content by keeping SEO in mind. The most important thing here is to ensure that you create content that can do both the jobs for you simultaneously. This might cost a bit of extra time and money, but it results in producing excellent ROI.


After reading all the above written issues and their solutions, what comes to you mind? Do you think that SEO is better than social media marketing? Some may still say yes while others may disagree. What’s important to remember here is that if you’re serious about your digital presences then you need to create an excellent brand, provide high level of user experience and this can be achieved by incorporating both SEO and social media marketing in your promotional campaign.