Social media has thoroughly changed the way we consume news and information in the first world nation. From empathic communication to geo-targeting, the capabilities of social media are endless and indispensable to establishing public relations with today’s wired public and building brands.

The pervasiveness of social media is hard to ignore. Anyone with a digital device is an online content creator. With everyone on the bandwagon, social media is here to transform our communication methods. In the world of public relations, social media defines the new PR of today that deviates from old avenues of engagement in traditional media.

Enabling a dialogic communication between your PR campaign and your target publics, social media is key to a cooperative and interactive relationship. An empathetic communication needs to be fostered in order to establish relationships with publics and propel your PR campaign. Through social media, online networks encourage the public’s participation and openness in interacting with brands and products, thereby promoting a co-sharing of brand information and increasing consumer trust.

Social media is an apt tool for geo targeting and demographic segmentation. In our information-laden digital society, winning attention in a noisy social feed by targeting the right audience is necessary to effective online public relations. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter lend customisation tools that enable PR agencies to define their public reach through an assembly of demographic categories. Such specific targeting maximises the most suitable traction to smaller subcategories of the public. Leveraging on social media targeting options not only concentrates your social media creativity and publishing efforts. It also ensures that your voice can reach the most relevant networks, thereby effecting a meaningful impact on the general spread of your brand’s content.

The synchronicity of social media allows instant interaction with target audience. It intensifies the sense of nearness and immediacy of feedback. For instance, Facebook’s highly interactive RSS feeds accelerates information sharing, connecting the public 24/7. Solidifying a brand’s social media salience involves a good frequency of posts along with post analysis to track interaction with publics. Moreover, the receptiveness of users to your messages increase webpage traffic as people like to communicate with their brands. If there are problems with a product or service, the instant feedback allows you to resolve them, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction and building a stronger brand reputation.